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EL-DVIG makes full or partial repairs of electric motors of 0,5 to 630 kW, both LV and HV and both AC and DC, including some household single-phase motors.

The company services around 3000 motors annually.

According to the management, one of the remarkable achievements was creation of strong and cohesive team.

All members of staff are aware of the exact motor repair technological cycle and successfully practice it. Therefore, everyone is considered to be both unique and universal at once, always ready to assist his/her colleagues.


About our production
Our company has been working since 1991. For the time being our workshops amount to nearly 500 sq.m. We have got a wide range of equipment to work on (like lathes, millers, winding machines, beam cranes, fork lifts and etc.), company’s vehicle to carry the serviced machinery and, what is even more important, we have got a qualified personnel to serve. We value our colleagues, Our experts, who are highly qualified, have a great experience in dealing with equipment of different types. We appreciate our reputation and have profound respect for our partners.
History of the company
1990 - 2000

The history of EL-DVIG dates back to 1991.

At that time It all started from a small semi-basement premises to rent on the outskirts of St. Petersburg in Sestroretsk. First motors were actually repaired by hand. Gradually, as the company’s reputation rose, new orders were placed, however transport remoteness from St. Petersburg was still a substantial competitive disadvantage. The problem was planned to be solved by opening a new branch within the city.

Thus, in 1996 the new branch was opened on Kantemirovskaya str. 37. Now the facilities covered a total of 100 sq.m. Some new equipment was bought and leased like: beam cranes, baking ovens, milling and lathe machines. Those alterations gave impetus to the development of the company for many years to come. The company expanded its customer list and some large St. Petersburg and regional enterprises began to appear on it.

2000 - 2010

Owing to the need to improve production throughput capacity in 2006 it was decided to enlarge the company’s production facilities. For economic purposes the branch in Sestroretsk was closed in the same year.

The new facilities were set up in the industrial district named PARNAS, on

Domostroitelnaya str. 16. Now the facilities became three times larger and again the company increased its staff and acquired new equipment as well as widened its list of services.

2010 - to the present.

2011 was another landmark for the company. Having considered the production efficiency and market trends, EL-DVIG resolved to have their facilities replaced and enhanced again, bringing its useful area up to 500 sq.m. In the meantime the company is placed on Industrialny str. 43 and operates with the following production capabilities:  lathes, millers and winder, baking ovens, carnage, fork lifts, company’s vehicles and etc.

Nowadays EL-DVIG proved its reputation of a reliable and trustworthy partner, standing on its own feet and looking at the future optimistically.