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Equipment repair

Electric motor repair

Electric motor repair on the company’s premises normally involves provision of all the required components, including connecting and positioning pieces. Our repairmen coat end shields and casing with paint using anti-corrosion coating for shaft ends. In case the equipment is repaired well in time, it is going to work properly within half a year, at least, though providing that all the warranty terms and conditions are observed.

EL-DVIG services include an electric motor partial repair when either some parts is required to be replaced or some minor fault to be fixed. If the lifetime of the machine is required to be restored in full, which includes replacement of some life-expired or damaged components. You can also apply to our specialists.

The complete electric motor overhaul provides for the following technical procedures:
— restoration of the casing, magnetic core, end shields;
— extraction of the used winding and placing the new one;
— shaft repair;
— electronic circuit assembly and brazing;
— front part enameling;
— winding impregnation and drying and etc.

The company services all types of electric motors.

Generator repair

Generators are prone to wear and tear pretty much. Therefore, technically, any generator’s repair is a pretty complicated procedure with some special diagnostic equipment, particular instruments and expertise required. But we dare to say that our company has got all the required means to do this work well. EL-DVIG repairs the following types of generators:
— diesel generators
— petrol generators

The service of diesel generators normally includes the following:
— restoration (in full or in part) of any component of the machinery as well as its warranty servicing;
— maintenance;
— comprehensive diagnostics to detect a defect, if any;
— delivery, installation and repair of spares and accessories;
— storage battery replacement;
— instruct personnel in diesel generator operating rules at site.

Petrol generator repairs and diesel machinery restoration is a rather specific work which needs specialized equipment to be used and highly qualified experts to work with it. EL-DVIG uses only high-quality materials of the respective manufacturing plants.

Our company carries our repairs of stator- and power generators in St. Petersburg in accordance with applicable laws and quality regulations. Depending on a reason of malfunction, our experts are able do either an urgent (partial) repair or complete overhaul, both within your facilities and at our company’s works.

Pump and compressor repair

EL-DVIG repairs the following types of pumps: multi-stage centrifugal pumps (CNS and CNSG), cradle-mounted and chemical process pumps.

Transformer and coil repair

To keep a transformer in proper steady-state condition, one should maintain it opportunely, starting from preventive procedures and ending with periodic overhaul. Your transformers function quite a while if all the requirements mentioned above are met.

Transformer repair and maintenance shall allow to:
— prolong an electric motor lifespan to the maximum extent possible;
— decrease a transformer’s natural wear-and-tear;
— minimize emergency situation risk;

After due troubleshooting and consideration EL-DVIG offers overhauling of any complexity (both partial repair and complete overhaul).

Petrol generator repair

EL-DVIG carries out partial and complete repairs of petrol AC&DC generators, replacement of the parts, sales the equipment and maintain it.

You can get preliminary information on a generator’s fault clearance, approximate prices and repair timelines by phone. The more exact information can be available once our experts examine and diagnose the equipment.

Our company can repair petrol generators both at a customer’s facilities (by means of our mobile team) and at our own site.

A petrol generator repair normally includes the following: identification of a fault, preventive diagnostics, cleaning a carburetor and its regulation, engine repair, ignition system repair and etc.
A generator’s partial repair comprises fault detection, replacement of damaged components;
A generator’s overhaul consists of complete fault elimination by means of total replacement of operating mechanisms or parts.
The qualified and timely maintenance facilitates longer life span of your device.


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